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What will testing look like in Year 2020?

February 14 2017, 13:18pm

Posted by BugRaptors

One thing which we were observing since the year 2001 was how testing activities integrate with SDLC in early stages by using methodologies such as Agile. Agile was used by many organizations for shortening their development time. Also use of virtualization, cloud computing, and service-oriented architecture also become famous.

Below are the Software Testing predictions for the coming years:

1. New roles and responsibilities of Software Tester: Nowadays our prime objective is to prevent bugs before the product gets delivered. In the future, we will see how the testers will also provide various risk assessments tools which will ensure that our product is stable at all times. To read more at - http://www.bugraptors.com/will-testing-look-like-year-2020/

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