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Monkey Manual Testing - Why We Do Monkey Testing?

February 22 2019, 10:05am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

monkey testing in software testing

Monkey testing is a type of technique in software testing where users test the software by providing frequent and random inputs to check the behavior of an application.

Now, consider a scenario where a monkey is given a computer system with the keyboard. We are not expecting the Monkey to use the system as a software professional in this condition. Monkey will start hitting the keyboard keys many numbers of times and may input any combination of characters without knowing the correct input which should be given to the system application. Testers also perform monkey testing in the same way without any specific plan.

While doing a monkey testing similar task is executed by the tester. Manual testers gets the power with this technique for testing and boosting the application in their own style, by providing invalid inputs to the system which may be very large or may contain special symbols or characters and any such combinations which may crashes the system, so as to make the application more robust and stable for future.

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