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March 29 2019, 10:58am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

cucumber software testing tool

Cucumber: What is it?

Cucumber is an automation tool which is used to write tests for a web application. Using cucumber user can easily automate the functionalities and the format used is easily readable just like plain English.

Why was Cucumber Introduced?

Previously there was a lot of ambiguity, and there was a need to connect software development lifecycle. Thus, there was a requirement for some criteria that would convert the customer’s acceptance criteria into the testing process for actual development. The basic ideology was to upgrade the existing Test-Driven Development process to something that a non-technical person can understand easily. It combines the acceptance tests, the functional requirements, and the documentation into a single arrangement to make it easy to understand.

Benefits of using Cucumber:

The reasons why you should prefer Cucumber:

1. Code reuse

2. The world system

3. Basic form of documentation

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