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IoT Testing : Why To Test IoT and its Challenges?

March 26 2019, 11:17am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

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IoT has great importance nowadays as we can collect information from a different platform and share the same across the internet which is processed for different purposes. IoT provides real-time information which was not approachable earlier.

IoT Testing

There is a great demand to access, create, use and share data from any device. It’s the main reason is to provide greater insight and control, over various interconnected IoT devices. That is why the IoT testing framework is essential.

Challenges of IoT Testing?

1. Test Data- To get the obtain test data among different systems, organization among multiple teams and Substantial effort is required.

2. Test Environment- It is not easy to replicate the environment required for IoT testing and demands too much effort and expense.

3. Sensor quality and accuracy- Gadget or Device under test may not be of good quality or have the correct accuracy needed for testing.

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