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Benefits of Compatibility Testing during Digital Transformation

August 17 2020, 05:26am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

With digital transformation, compatibility testing has become challenging. As the users are not confined to a single platform, it is vital to check the performance of software across different operating systems and devices.  Compatibility testing services contributes to improved customer satisfaction and more business revenue. It helps in detecting irregular network conditions and errors, which could lead to serious performance issues.

Categories of Compatibility Testing

As we know that we check the performance and compatibility of apps with different scenarios, we can put Compatibility testing into various categories, as mentioned below:

  • Hardware Compatibility Testing    
  • Software Compatibility Testing 
  • Operating System Compatibility Testing 
  • Network Compatibility Testing 
  • Browser Compatibility Testing 
  • Devices Compatibility Testing 
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing 
  • Software Version Testing 

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