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E-commerce Application Testing Guide

September 9 2020, 06:58am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Ecommerce testing is the process of testing an eCommerce application (Online Shopping Platform). It drives value in the e-commerce business by ensuring conformity to client requirements and preventing errors. Testing an eCommerce application is a bit challenging because the nature of retail websites is complex. It isn't easy for testers to detect every possible user action as they can’t predict the nature of the customer. With rapid technological changes, sometimes they find it hard to monitor techniques or tools for testing eCommerce applications.


E-commerce app testing aims to ensure:

  • Software Quality.
  • Software Reliability.
  • System Assurance.
  • Capacity Utilization and Optimum Performance.
  • Higher ROI.
  • Transparency management to companies in day-to-day activities.
  • Easy accessibility and high performance, the usability of the site.


Check-out some common challenges, tips, and test cases of e-commerce testing:

E-commerce Testing

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