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Exploratory Testing- A Comprehensive Guide

November 17 2020, 09:26am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

From QA managers to testers, everyone in the testing team highly uses exploratory testing in agile because it gives them the freedom to investigate, discover, and
learn many things while working on any business project. 

Importance of Exploratory Testing in Agile
The agile is new normal for all latest software testing because it includes short sprints of about one month, and the tight deadlines are setting up to complete the
project on-time. Agile plays a vital role in exploratory testing because its focus is to give speedy deliveries and meet consumers' demands in a limited period. For
this, the testers have to understand customers' requirements before using their skills and intuitions for testing.

Popular Exploratory Testing Tools:

  • PractiTest
  • Testpad
  • Test Studio
  • JIRA Capture
  • Session Tester

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