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How To Keep Your Business Safe with Cyber Security Testing?

December 8 2020, 09:16am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Cyber threats are common in every business. But, we can’t sit hand in hand. Then, how can we protect the critical data of our business from vulnerable attacks?

You can consider cyber security testing that helps to eliminate the risks, threats, any glitches from the software application and protects malicious attacks that hackers commit in the digital world.

Penetration testing is also called ethical hacking or pen-testing. That is the practice of testing a network, computer system, or web application to detect security loopholes that an attacker could misuse.

Several Types of Penetration Testing

Three types of Penetration Testing are very popular and are considered by companies to fulfill the cyber security testing standards of different business niches.

  • White Box Penetration Testing
  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • Grey Box Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Test Tools:

There are numerous types of cyber security testing tools. e.g.

# Metasploit

# Wireshark

# Netsparker

# Grabber

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