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A Comprehensive Guide On Regression Testing

February 9 2021, 07:37am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Regression testing ensures that the software which you developed and tested just a few days before still performs as expected and even if there are new changes made in its code.

 Importance of regression testing in software development:

  • Regression testing plays a crucial role in the software development process because it helps test the complete functionality when the developer adds any new feature. 
  • Regression testing ensures that previous application functions will never get affected after making new changes to it.
  • Regression testing in agile allows development teams to make continuous changes in the application and make it easy for them to obtain the software’s stability and overall quality. Whether it is the point of making a small localized change or a larger change in the software, regression testing is always taken into the process. The regression testing company verifies that the new code doesn’t conflict with the older code and will work correctly.
  • It is essential to prepare regression testing techniques early because this testing type helps decrease the risks that occur when skipping the hidden requirements.
  • After finding and reporting a defect at earlier stages of the software development, it becomes easier for testing teams to fulfill the release timelines and deliver bug-free solutions to the customer.
  • After making the rapid changes in the software, regression testing ensures continuity of business functions. Automated regression testing services are preferred by software companies today to save the execution time and focus on the quality and major areas that need to be fixed. Moreover, automation regression testing helps to meet the faster shipping needs.

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