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Role of Artificial Intelligence In Software Testing

March 9 2021, 07:02am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Artificial Intelligence is a diverse field of computer science concerned with developing smart machines able to perform tasks that mainly require human intelligence. AI makes it easier for machines to perform human-like tasks. It allows machines to make adjustments to new inputs and helps them learn from experience.

Due to the demand for automation for the testing processes and solutions in order to give seamless experiences to customers, the growth of the automation testing market will increase with cutting-edge AI technologies for software testing environments. In the coming years, we can see more use of artificial intelligence in software testing due to its capability of reducing the test life cycle. It can be used in several aspects of testing, including functional testing, regression testing, automation testing, and performance testing.

Benefits of AI in Software Testing

AI in software testing aims to make testing more efficient and smarter. Both machine learning and AI use reasoning and problem-solving techniques to improve and simplify the processes of testing.

It saves a lot of time compared to manual testing and supports the teams while focusing on complicated tasks.

 It is essential to choose AI and machine learning for test automation because it gives you more flexibility during the entire testing process.

You can implement more than thousands of test cases in one go, which is honestly not possible through manual testing.

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