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Benefits of Automated Testing in the Manufacturing Domain

October 29 2020, 10:22am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In the digital world, quality is the most critical challenge faced by small to large scale businesses. Maintaining quality goals has become one of the major concerns for every business. But when it comes to manufacturing companies, no one can forget the quality lab because it improves the standard of living and boosts economic productivity. To ensure reliability and quality of products, manufacturing software testing is much-needed. It helps maximize the company’s profits and reputation, and also ensures that your products will meet customer expectations. From transportation, electronics, chemical industries, furniture & fixtures, fashion industries, and household goods to building materials, every manufacturing industry should invest in test automation services because it allows your team to fulfill the increasing customer demands by manufacturing high-quality products at reasonable costs.

Read the full blog to know how test automation improves quality in the manufacturing industry.

How test automation improves quality in the manufacturing domain

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IoT Testing: An In-Depth Guide

October 21 2020, 07:07am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

As the demand for smart devices is increasing, the need for the accuracy of these devices is also at its peak. Now the question here is how we can judge whether the device is functioning accurately or not.

The answer to that question is via IoT testing.  All industries need accurate data, and if the IoT device is faulty, then that will be a blunder which is very difficult to mitigate. IoT testing services check whether the device is functioning correctly or not.

IoT Testing Approaches:

  • UX Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Multiple domain compatibility testing
  • Performance testing

Read the full blog to know more. IoT testing methodology

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Strategies To Improve Effectiveness Of Test Automation & ROI

October 19 2020, 11:18am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In today’s era, most of the enterprises and QA managers are adopting automation testing to speed up the test time to market and thereby enhancing the software quality.
A robust mobile test automation approach can help the companies to test quickly and effectively.So, maximum investments can be made from mobile test automation services.

ROI can be increased if the following strategies are kept in mind from the very beginning:

  • Selection of the right test cases to automate
  • Prioritization of the tasks
  • Preparation of the test cases
  • Test process
  • Create stable test
  • Do not automate everything
  • Review tests
  • Quality of test data

Read in detail: ROI improvement Strategies

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How Agile Testing Can Help Your Business?

October 13 2020, 07:51am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Every business around the globe is struggling to achieve digital excellence so as to stay ahead of their competitors and meet the evolving needs of the consumers. Although speed is an ideal factor in delivering a software product, quality also remains an imperative part of it to ensure the stability of the product delivered.Therefore, a comprehensive approach towards software testing and quality assurance becomes a vital part of a software development life cycle. Many organizations are also adopting agile testing methodologies in order to achieve quality standards and offer a unified experience to the consumers.

Agile testing is a dynamic element of the process and should not be overlooked. The main issue right now is that traditional testing methods do not easily fit with agile processes. So if your team is thinking to switch to Agile, you should expand your focus on the agile methodology that involves an agile mindset. BugRaptors have always been a trusted partner for testing services for many enterprises who are currently adopting Agile Methodology. If you want to hire agile testers, why don’t you connect with us to build an excellent transformation strategy with QA at its core. 


Read the full article to know how agile testing offer value to your business.


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Why Web Service Test Automation is Required?

October 12 2020, 09:26am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Web services test automation solutions are the ones that not only aid in testing but also help in knowing whether a particular web application communicates efficiently and able to gather accurate information from the web. Also, it helps to understand how a specific web service is associated with the server and functions in different circumstances. In this tech-savvy world, if you want to develop a software solution, then don't need to create every aspect from scratch. Nowadays, readymade web services are available, which you can directly plug into your web or mobile application to start delivering those services in your app. The implementation of web services establishes a stable connection between the two software applications. Also, you need to test your web services to test the service functionality and load features. Moreover, Website testing services help in detecting errors timely so that you don't need to spend your bucks over expensive and complicated repairs. Read the blog to know more.


Web Test Automation Guide

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Web Applications Automation with Functional Testing

September 28 2020, 07:46am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In today’s digital world, it is risky to launch the software without thorough testing. Any failure found in the application damages a company’s reputation and brand and results in huge business loss. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the testing approach before allowing any software to go live. Functional testing plays an integral role in any software testing mechanism. Moreover, it assures that a device runs in real-time and precisely as it is intended. Functional testing takes place from a user’s perspective. It helps deliver a high-quality product, meets the customer’s needs, and provides a highly-satisfied user experience. The good thing is it gives ease to developers and business professionals. Check out the post to know the role of test automation in functional testing.
Role Of Test Automation In Functional Testing

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E-commerce Application Testing Guide

September 9 2020, 06:58am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Ecommerce testing is the process of testing an eCommerce application (Online Shopping Platform). It drives value in the e-commerce business by ensuring conformity to client requirements and preventing errors. Testing an eCommerce application is a bit challenging because the nature of retail websites is complex. It isn't easy for testers to detect every possible user action as they can’t predict the nature of the customer. With rapid technological changes, sometimes they find it hard to monitor techniques or tools for testing eCommerce applications.


E-commerce app testing aims to ensure:

  • Software Quality.
  • Software Reliability.
  • System Assurance.
  • Capacity Utilization and Optimum Performance.
  • Higher ROI.
  • Transparency management to companies in day-to-day activities.
  • Easy accessibility and high performance, the usability of the site.


Check-out some common challenges, tips, and test cases of e-commerce testing:

E-commerce Testing

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Importance of Integration Testing in STLC

August 25 2020, 07:45am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Performing the integration testing in the Agile era is an integral part because it gives the utmost ease to communicate and collaborate with the development and testing teams. Agile methodologies allow the organizations to solve the complex issues of the projects quickly and make them more convenient for delivering the 100% value in everyday tasks. Software integration testing can improve the test gaps and gives all-time assistance to cover quality tests.

Types of Integration Testing


Integration testing can be performed in four ways:

1. Big Bang Approach.

2. Top-Down Approach.

3. Bottom-Up Approach.

4. Hybrid Integration Approach


Check out the blog to know Why there is a need to choose integration testing in business.


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Benefits of Compatibility Testing during Digital Transformation

August 17 2020, 05:26am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

With digital transformation, compatibility testing has become challenging. As the users are not confined to a single platform, it is vital to check the performance of software across different operating systems and devices.  Compatibility testing services contributes to improved customer satisfaction and more business revenue. It helps in detecting irregular network conditions and errors, which could lead to serious performance issues.

Categories of Compatibility Testing

As we know that we check the performance and compatibility of apps with different scenarios, we can put Compatibility testing into various categories, as mentioned below:

  • Hardware Compatibility Testing    
  • Software Compatibility Testing 
  • Operating System Compatibility Testing 
  • Network Compatibility Testing 
  • Browser Compatibility Testing 
  • Devices Compatibility Testing 
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing 
  • Software Version Testing 

Read the full blog to know more about compatibility testing.


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A Comprehensive Guide To Risk Based Testing

July 22 2020, 05:56am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Risk-based testing is a type of test that is performed based on risk probability. It includes risk management focused on identification, complexity, market robustness, and prioritizing the risks to minimize and manage the likelihood of unpleasant events. Risk-based testing is a useful technique that is implemented to eliminate the failure of the functions and features included in a particular project. With RBT, you can resolve several issues within a short period because the testers already have an excellent approach in their hands.

Importance of Risk Based Testing
Boost Customer’s Attention

The implementation of risk based testing strategy is necessary to analyze the software’s threats better. The motive of any business is to grab users’ attention so that they can further purchase from them. It would be possible when the merchants prioritize the tests and hire the developers to avoid the complications from the projects.

Drive Expected Quality

The primary purpose of using the risk-based testing model is to drive the product’s lifetime quality. With RBT, you can resolve several issues within a short period because the testers already have an excellent approach in their hands, which they use at the time of running tests or flaws discovery. They monitor the risks continuously to produce exceptional results for real-time projects.

Improves testing efficiency

Software testers play a lead role in software development. They communicate with the entire team, know the project requirements, and prepare the specific tests in an agile environment. The quality is highly prioritized by them as they have so many resources, which they very well use to avoid the critical defects.

Read the blog to know its process and benefits: Risk Based Testing

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