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Benefits Of Outsourcing QA Software Testing

November 20 2019, 05:59am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Outsourcing is used as a technique to spice up your business by assigning projects, be it complete or apart and therefore specializing in core values of the business. If outsourcing is performed in a well-planned manner then it can contribute a competitive advantage for the organization.

 Several benefits of outsource QA testing:
1. The proper setup, the proper tools
2. Quickly expand your resources
3. Save money
4. Domain experience
5. 24/7 collaboration
6. Unlock Agile
7. Security and standards

Read the full article to know the benefits of software testing outsourcing.

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Exploratory Testing: Enhancing Your Software Quality

November 13 2019, 10:41am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Exploratory testing is an approach where testing is concisely described as simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution. When there is severe time pressure in the testing phase, the exploratory testing technique is adopted. It is used to overcome the limitations of scripted testing.

Tools For Exploratory Testing
  • IRA capture
  • Test pad
  • EDA tools – Histogram, plots, charts
  • Q Trace


To know more about the exploratory testing techniques read the full article.

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Test Automation in Devops: Impacting QA

November 5 2019, 09:13am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

To stay competitive in the market every business requires a focused approach towards speeding up the process. DevOps and Automation play a key role in that. Automation in a DevOps environment is new to the industry but growing up speedily.

Using Test automation with DevOps has benefits as well as drawbacks.


Benefits of using Test automation with DevOps:

• Quick and fast delivery of software

• Stable operating environments

• Detecting and correcting defects early and fast.

• Transparency and Collaboration across teams


Drawbacks of Using Test Automation with DevOps:

• Test cases and their execution are not totally proofs of correctness

• Test suits may be incomplete

• Requirements are often not correct and contain some errors


Read the full article to know how test automation and DevOps Impact QA.

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Progressive Web App Testing

September 10 2019, 09:40am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

"Progressive web applications” has a positive impact on mobile app development technologies. “Combining the very best qualities of the web with native apps” are termed as Progressive Web Apps. Testing of PWA is as important as building it, and time has come to take most of the advantage of this opportunity and welcome the PWA.

Key Points To Keep In Mind While Testing PWA:
  • Functionality
  • Push Notifications
  • Page transitions
  • Add to Home screen
  • Offline Loading
  • Each page must have a URL
  • Service Worker should be validated


Check out the original post to know more about progressive web app testing.

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Cloud Testing: Challenges and Considerations for Testers

September 9 2019, 04:43am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In today’s time, web services are moving to cloud architecture. There is no doubt that cloud architectures are highly reliable, but there are some challenges that you need to overcome.

Cloud testing services are beneficial as they save tons of money as someone else is hosting the hardware and delivering the software.

So, if cloud testing is so in demand that why everybody is not on board? The answer is that cloud-based testing comes with some challenges. Below we are listing the challenges and providing solutions to overcome these challenges

Security Capabilities

Every business is concerned about data protection on the cloud. When an organization uses a cloud-hosted app for handling sensitive data, it is crucial to handle it with care. It is seen that in several cases, encryption techniques are insufficient for cloud testing efforts. Another challenge that is widely seen is that vendors are not familiar with industry standards. A simple solution to the problem is choosing a cloud testing service provider who is well-versed with industry standards and who can securely test the applications.

Service Availability, Efficiency, and Assurance 

The level of service that cloud providers are able to support is sometimes not sufficient. When a firm is transferring a major part of its operations to the cloud, the firm should be able to access the data without any delays. This challenge leads to assurance and efficiency concerns. Cloud testing service provider must ensure timely delivery and must have the infrastructure in place to provide scalable services.

These challenges can be easily overcome when one chooses a reliable testing service provider with strong SLA. Vendors and organizations can work effectively and efficiently when these challenges are taken care of and overcoming these challenges guarantees minimizing testing efforts and helps in providing scalable solutions.

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Challenges And Business Benefits Of Application Security Testing

September 6 2019, 11:58am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Application Security testing should be an integral part of the software development life cycle. But with some logical limitations in security testing, it does not ensure a system flawless neither it gives any surety about the system adequately satisfying the security requirements.

 Application security testing aims to force the system or its apparatuses to fail so that the defects that caused the failure can be uncovered and then fixed. In addition to defect detection, testing is also performed to provide sufficient objective evidence to validate confidence in the system’s quality.

Check out the original post to know about the benefits of application security testing.

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Software Testing In The Era Of AI And ML

September 2 2019, 08:35am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies are now a part of our lives. Machine learning emphasizes on developing programs that can access their own data. It is autonomous and has given birth to modern AI. Software testing will go advance with AI and ML. 


Benefits for the Software Testers With The Introduction of AI and ML:


  •  chance to upgrade skillset
  • Accuracy in the work
  • Testing will be done faster
  • AI will expand the overall length and scope of testing.


Check out the original post to know about ai & ml in test automation.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Software Testing?

August 29 2019, 06:32am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Customer satisfaction is the main thing nowadays. We keep on working on new technologies to ensure the quality of the product and software testing is an important phase in making the product reliable and satisfactory for the customers. AI is making its place in almost every industry. So software companies are also moving towards AI.

AI changing the ways of QA

Check out the original post to know How AI will be more beneficial for the IT industry.

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Top Factors Of A Successful Mobile Application Testing Strategy

August 27 2019, 04:22am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In this era, usability and dependency of the smartphones have expanded. The increase in usability of Smartphones other mobile devices has stoked up the growth of mobile application development in the last few years. Therefore, mobile testing has become a formidable task. 
Some of the Winning Mobile Application Strategies:

  • Device Fragmentation
  • Network Connectivity
  • Cloud Testing
  • Mobile application Interruption and security testing

Read the original post to know more about these strategies.

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Moving From Quality Assurance To Quality Engineering| Bugraptors

August 19 2019, 09:01am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

QA vs. QE: Quality assurance is usually done at the last phase to eradicate any bug in the code before the deployment whereas QE is effectively an upstream event in which quality engineer’s work alongside cross-functional development teams to discover and decipher issues in real-time.

 The first and most primary role of a QA analyst is to primarily detect defects, size the impact, and—when they consistently discover an issue—send the code back to the developers to start the cycle afresh.  On the other hand,  the core principle of quality engineering is test automation, which creates predictable developments. Prominence on automation through component testing and end-to-end user experience testing allows for feedback loops within seconds of code merges. 

Check out the post to know more about the shift from QA to quality engineering:  quality engineering vs quality assurance

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