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Importance of Software Testing For Banking Applications

February 1 2019, 11:57am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Why Software Testing Is Very Important For Banking Applications

Why Software Testing Is Very Important For Banking Applications

Quality assurance and Software testing play a vital role in assuring the quality of banking application.  Both testers and developers of financial applications should have a good understanding of finance and complete domain knowledge as well.

Any financial error is always the critical one. Workflow of every Financial Application is always going to be complex. There is no association which will tolerate any financial bug or error in their application. This is the part where an association needs quality assurance and software testing for banking applications.

Most of the financial applications have different QA and software testing necessities. A tester should have a proper domain knowledge in which the financial application is based on. For Example, processing insurance claims, online/mobile banking, trading accounting etc.

A tester can only proceed with testing activities if he/she has a good knowledge of the flow. 

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