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Types of User Acceptance Testing - BugRaptors

October 16 2018, 09:46am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

types of user acceptance testing

User Acceptance Testing is a phase of software development in which the developed software is tested in the real environment by the end users. The process is to verify the intended functionality of the developed system on the end user’s perspective emulating real-world scenarios.

In short, User Acceptance Testing is the process of checking that developed software works for intended users. This may be easy to hear at first, but, practically it is not.

Types of User Acceptance Testing

Following are the types of User Acceptance Testing:

  1. Alpha & Beta Testing
  2. Contract Acceptance Testing
  3. Regulation Acceptance Testing/Compliance Acceptance Testing
  4. Operational Acceptance Testing
  5. Black Box Testing

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How to get started with Robotium?

November 24 2016, 07:25am

Posted by BugRaptors

Robotium is a “Black-Box” testing tool that simulates and automates user interaction such as clicking, touching, entering text and any other gesture which is possible on a touch device. It is a test structure which was created to ease the writing of powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications.  With its support, developers who create test cases can write system, function, and acceptance test scenarios, covering multiple Android activities. It provides full support for Activities, Dialogs and Context Menus. Robotium is an open-source tool, so it can be used by individuals as well as Enterprises. 

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How to get started with Robotium?

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