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Importance of Testing Healthcare Mobile Apps

July 13 2020, 05:46am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

We have almost entered in an era where applications monitor our lives.  Starting from a primary BP machine to conventional angiography, we depend upon application and digital devices. This makes testing of healthcare mobile apps more crucial than ever. No one can take the risk of error in healthcare as a single mistake can put multiple lives at stake.

Challenges In Testing Healthcare
  • It requires expertise in testing, and usually, it is high in cost.
  • Testing should be done keeping in mind the safety and regulatory standards- as any error can cause a direct effect on a patient’s life.
  • Testing team needs to be well aware of the various functionalities, clinical usage, and the environment the software will be used for.
  • Cross dependency of software- testers need to ensure that any changes in one component or layer should not lead to side effects on the other.

 Check out the list of the useful tips that can be considered while testing healthcare apps.

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