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Roles Plays By Testing Team in Agile Software Development - Bugraptors

October 3 2018, 12:02pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

What are the Major Responsibilities of QA

Thinking of QA team we get reminded of the traditional ways where developers would first build a specific feature completely and only then pass it on to QA to make it “Tested OK“.

But old is not always gold and hence the traditional methods changed for good. Agile methodology introduced QA with a versatile and dynamic role in the software development process to ensure that top-notch quality is achieved along with meeting the client’s acceptance criteria.  

There are responsibilities to be fulfilled by a tester in order to provide the clients/end users with a quality product whilst staying in an agile environment, some of which are: 

1. Stay alert in planning sessions:

QA needs to actively participate in planning sessions bright from the point of outset to bring and maintain sync between developers and end users.

2. Automate and speed up testing:

They can easily create automated test scripts out of user stories and can utilize the development phase to reduce testing time and time to market.

Read more points, in detail: https://www.bugraptors.com/responsibilities-of-qa-in-agile/

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Why You Should Consider Stress Testing For Your ERP System?

September 26 2018, 13:13pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Why You Need to Stress Test Your ERP System Before Live?

ERP testing done in isolated situations with small subsets of the population are not productive for demonstrating where an ERP framework is performing inadequately. By doing this step wrong, genuine generation esteems and situations are underrepresented bringing about frameworks that may perform ineffectively once going live. It is critical during any ERP usage to schedule, coordinate and execute a stress test. Items within this test should include

Test automation helps cover speedy test cycles, including setup and relapse testing. In spite of the fact that test mechanization isn’t the main arrangement, there are numerous intense approaches to choose the correct system or instrument for your business forms. Some of them include:


  • The right automation tool selection.
  • Test cases covering whole application.
  • A seller who can immediately refresh with the most recent arrivals of testing.

It is critical during any ERP usage to schedule, coordinate and execute a stress test. Items within this test should include:

1. Planning and Co-ordination: Set time aside to plan and document to what extent your testing will be, what every particular client will do, kinds of exchanges and gear utilized, and your normal outcomes. Plan for inability to happen, along these lines you can be set up to overcome what may sensibly turn out badly later on.

2. Communicating Effectively: Allow for an open line of correspondence for all clients required amid the span of the test. Assign a stress test manager to answer and log client questions on the off chance that they emerge.

To continue reading more points, visit full blog post: https://www.bugraptors.com/stress-testing-erp-frameworks/

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