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Most Used Open Source Tools for Android Mobile Application Testing

October 17 2017, 04:57am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

android mobile app testing

The business must test the Android app elaborately under varying user conditions to assess its user experience very precisely, but it must provide QA professionals with robust mobile app testing tools and test automation framework to repeat the tests under the varying conditions.


Appium is an open-source mobile automation testing tool to allow the developers to test various Android native mobile applications as well as hybrid applications. Native applications are written with the support of Android SDKs and different web application tools which can be used to perform tests or mobile users, like a built-in browser application.


This open source test automation framework for Android is designed with features that facilitate Android UI testing. The QA professionals can use Robotium app testing to test both the native and hybrid apps for Android.

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Watch Out the Working of Game Testers in a Game Testing Company!

October 4 2017, 10:29am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

The game testers must possess high levels of computing expertise, analytical competence and critical evaluation of skills due to the involvement of interactive entertainment software.

Role of a Game Tester

The role of a game tester is crucial for the success of the Game Testing Company. A tester is offered with a complete version of a game in order to find glitches in it. It is the responsibility of a tester to check every nook and corner of the game for finding out the bugs. The uncovered errors during mobile game testing phase are noted out. These errors may be bugs, logic errors or level bugs, art glitches.
The ranking of the bugs is done according to their estimated severity:
· ‘A’ Bugs are critical bugs that cause many issues, such as game crashes that prevent it from being shipped.
· ‘B’ Bugs require the necessary attention and are equally dangerous as an A Bug.
· ‘C’ Bugs have minute problems which are often reflected in the form of recommendation rather than bugs.

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Why Mobile Compatibility Testing Is Crucial?

September 28 2017, 09:17am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

mobile compatibilty testing

Testing confirms that the app meets every one of the prerequisites set and agreed upon by both the engineer and the client. This software thus enhances the reputation of the firm.

It is likewise true that quality items improve sales and advertising efforts and bring delight to the user. Besides, an effective compatibility test guarantees genuine compatibility among various processing conditions. Moreover, excellent mobile compatibility testing services additionally affirm the stability and strength of the product that is of much significance before its release. 

Types of Compatibility Testing

There are two types of compatibility testing:

Forward Compatibility Testing: This kind of testing checks whether the product works well with the more up-to-date or upcoming renditions, and is consequently called forward compatible.

Reverse Compatibility Testing: This kind of testing checks whether the product designed using a current version of an environment also works well in an old version, thus it is called backward compatibility testing.

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    How Cloud-Based Mobile Device Lab Accelerates Time to Market and ROI?

    September 19 2017, 11:13am

    Posted by Claire Mackerras

    It becomes very chaotic to maintain the variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all makes and models for 24/7. There are various security concerns that arise for mobile app cloud testing as well as data management and accessibility thus creating a complex situation.

    In the following ways Cloud-Based Mobile Device Labs boost the productivity:

    • Faster market delivery: A unified environment needs to be established for the benefit of all DevOps teams. For fully operational regression testing, the environment is necessary in order to facilitate continuous integration


    • Simulate networks environmentBy using simulation environments helps us to understand real-life network conditions, thus enabling them to be prepared in dealing with network issues.


    • Strict security guidelines: An offshore hosted mobile lab is expected to support most security requirements while the onsite lab resides inside the company’s VPN. Devices are centralized in a demilitarized network area. Administrative capabilities enable the changing of security policies as per project requirements.

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    Trending Open Source Tools For Mobile Application Security Testing

    August 30 2017, 14:22pm

    Posted by Claire Mackerras

    Mobile application security testing can be quite cumbersome. To ease this process, businesses make separate teams for testing and analysing open source tools.

    Some of the open source mobile application security testing tools are listed as below:

    OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project
    It was developed by AWASP and is available for Unix/Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms. Originally, the tool was designed as an integrated penetration testing tool for web testing applications.

    Android Debug Bridge
    Android Debug Bridge is designed to evaluate the security of mobile apps across many Android devices at the command line. This program can be used as a client-server and can be connected to emulators, in addition to install and debug the programs.

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    Why Mobile Application Testing needs to be tested in different networks Environment?

    August 4 2017, 04:40am

    Posted by Claire Mackerras


    Mobile application testing

    There are many mobile network simulator tools available in the market which allow you to test your application in different network conditions. But to see what the users experience in reality we need to test how our application behaves in a perfect network or a slow network. 

    Use Network Emulators to test real network conditions

    1. Network emulators are one of the best mobile application testing solutions that would assess the impact of network variation on a mobile application’s functionality in a controlled lab environment.

    2. Network emulators are perfect solutions for creating different types of mixed or complex networks.

    3. There is no need of the cable, aerial masks, mobile devices and corporate networks for achieving the best coverage.

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    RanoreX: What Is It?

    July 18 2017, 13:30pm

    Posted by BugRaptors

    Ranorex is a software testing tool that provides test automation for multiple environments, devices and software applications. Allows the users to perform functional testing on desktop, web or mobile applications. It supports various user interface technologies that includes Java, HTML, C#, Flash, Android, iOS and Silverlight.


    Features of Ranorex:

    The powerful feature of Ranorex is Cross platform testing. Once the test cases are written, they can be executed on different mobile devices like Android and iPhone.

    It offers user interface object recognition model that is reliable and is totally dependent on Ranorex XPath technology.

    It provides a tool set that allows the user to automate the UI testing by recording the UI actions without writing any code…

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    Top 5 software testing traps & how to overcome them?

    January 13 2017, 07:30am

    Posted by BugRaptors

    Being a software tester, you might face situations that challenge your efficiency and effectiveness as a tester. Testers must be aware of the hurdles, mistakes and traps that they may encounter in their lives. Following are the top 5 traps that you will ever run into in your software testing career and also the ways to overcome those traps.

    software testing

    Unaware of the Testing Goal

    Sometimes you fall into a situation where you have no idea about the new or enhanced features that needs to be tested. So the tester might fail to recognize the goal when a new functionality/ project needs to be tested. However, if one doesn’t understand in the beginning, it might produce concerns later in the execution and planning phase.

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    How do Mobile Applications Handle Interruptions?

    October 6 2016, 11:26am

    Posted by BugRaptors

    A Software testing company updates that present day applications for web applications and mobile devices are far from been perfect. Mobile application testing displays that software products on smartphones, tablets and mobile phones often freeze up behave strangely and crash. There are a lot of reasons for that.Interrupt Testing relates to any application type-Mobile, Stand Alone, Web etc. The variety of networks, configurations, devices etc. makes it more noticeable for Mobile applications than the others.

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