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Software Testing Outsourcing - ‘How to Guide’

February 2 2021, 06:45am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Software testing outsourcing consists of various sets of activities performed by independent software testing outsourcing companies or third party or testing firms where they are not involved in the entire software development process except for testing.

If you set up a new software testing company in your region and you test any client’s application from your team with the least knowledge and experience, then it will cost not only you but also users who are trusting the application and give their sensitive information in it because hackers find weak spots or weaknesses in the app to commit the cybercrime. According to Business Insider, India, the increasing cyber crime incidents cost the world economy over $1 trillion, or more than 1% of global GDP, which is up more than 50% from a 2018 study that put global losses at nearly $600 billion, revealed by leading cyber security firm McAfee.

Benefits of outsourcing Software Testing Services

  • Time Saving Management
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Elimination of High-End Investments
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Efficiency

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Top Soft Skills for Software Testers

April 21 2020, 06:39am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Soft skills are the traits that enable an individual to work effectively in the workplace. Soft skills give you leadership and teamwork skills. A software tester needs to know a lot more beyond the testing strategies, and this is where soft skills prove their true potential. Emphasizing soft skills can assist you in becoming a pro in the testing industry. Knowing what soft skills are useful for software testers will help you stay out of trouble and deliver accurate, bug-free, and outstanding output. Check out the article to know the top soft skills for software testers.

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Growing Need of QA in FinTech Industry - BugRaptors

June 11 2019, 13:09pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

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How Can Payment Gateway Testing Perform Better With Test Automation?

April 22 2019, 12:12pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

digital payments testing

Digital Testing

Customer satisfaction is now measured online rather than a physical experience. User experience is on top most priority as numbers of products are already available in the market. If the customer doesn’t have rich experience, the attention will be diverted to the one with better performance. Digital Testing or QA testing, therefore, holds more significant than before.

Importance of Test Automation in the Digital Payment Process:

Most payment transactions occur through ATM cards as well as smartphones through UPI payments. It is of utmost importance that the user-interface and the application at hand are accessible and straightforward 24 by 7.   Testing of critical functionality of payment gateway needs to be tested periodically to ensure high-quality standards. Automation of tests is the best way to achieve the required level of testing. 

Visit the original post to continue reading for digital payment testing with test automation.

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Monkey Manual Testing - Why We Do Monkey Testing?

February 22 2019, 10:05am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

monkey testing in software testing

Monkey testing is a type of technique in software testing where users test the software by providing frequent and random inputs to check the behavior of an application.

Now, consider a scenario where a monkey is given a computer system with the keyboard. We are not expecting the Monkey to use the system as a software professional in this condition. Monkey will start hitting the keyboard keys many numbers of times and may input any combination of characters without knowing the correct input which should be given to the system application. Testers also perform monkey testing in the same way without any specific plan.

While doing a monkey testing similar task is executed by the tester. Manual testers gets the power with this technique for testing and boosting the application in their own style, by providing invalid inputs to the system which may be very large or may contain special symbols or characters and any such combinations which may crashes the system, so as to make the application more robust and stable for future.

Read the full post to read more about monkey manual testing.


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Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry

January 24 2019, 11:18am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry

Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry

In order to understand the role of software testing in the Healthcare Industry at first, we need to understand the abstract view on the basis of which Health care industry works. In an overall manner entire healthcare sector can be clubbed into a single unit which basically consists of Hospital, Doctors Regulatory body, Health-care solution Vendors and the patient. 

Real-time on-demand medical assistance is a new influential shift in the healthcare segment. Although, the basic idea of home healthcare is changing in an overall manner the way healthcare industry functions, which expects convenient, easy, user-friendly and quick access to healthcare. Home healthcare is also a growing trend and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years.

Check some of the most important reasons for comprehensive testing which can innovate the healthcare with QA.


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Types of User Acceptance Testing - BugRaptors

October 16 2018, 09:46am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

types of user acceptance testing

User Acceptance Testing is a phase of software development in which the developed software is tested in the real environment by the end users. The process is to verify the intended functionality of the developed system on the end user’s perspective emulating real-world scenarios.

In short, User Acceptance Testing is the process of checking that developed software works for intended users. This may be easy to hear at first, but, practically it is not.

Types of User Acceptance Testing

Following are the types of User Acceptance Testing:

  1. Alpha & Beta Testing
  2. Contract Acceptance Testing
  3. Regulation Acceptance Testing/Compliance Acceptance Testing
  4. Operational Acceptance Testing
  5. Black Box Testing

Visit original blog post, to read more: https://www.bugraptors.com/types-user-acceptance-test/


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Why You Should Consider Stress Testing For Your ERP System?

September 26 2018, 13:13pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Why You Need to Stress Test Your ERP System Before Live?

ERP testing done in isolated situations with small subsets of the population are not productive for demonstrating where an ERP framework is performing inadequately. By doing this step wrong, genuine generation esteems and situations are underrepresented bringing about frameworks that may perform ineffectively once going live. It is critical during any ERP usage to schedule, coordinate and execute a stress test. Items within this test should include

Test automation helps cover speedy test cycles, including setup and relapse testing. In spite of the fact that test mechanization isn’t the main arrangement, there are numerous intense approaches to choose the correct system or instrument for your business forms. Some of them include:


  • The right automation tool selection.
  • Test cases covering whole application.
  • A seller who can immediately refresh with the most recent arrivals of testing.

It is critical during any ERP usage to schedule, coordinate and execute a stress test. Items within this test should include:

1. Planning and Co-ordination: Set time aside to plan and document to what extent your testing will be, what every particular client will do, kinds of exchanges and gear utilized, and your normal outcomes. Plan for inability to happen, along these lines you can be set up to overcome what may sensibly turn out badly later on.

2. Communicating Effectively: Allow for an open line of correspondence for all clients required amid the span of the test. Assign a stress test manager to answer and log client questions on the off chance that they emerge.

To continue reading more points, visit full blog post: https://www.bugraptors.com/stress-testing-erp-frameworks/

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100 Best QA Testing Tools - A Comprehensive List

September 18 2018, 11:04am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

software testing tools list

We are introducing a list of some very ingenious tools that will help you meet your goals of reducing the testing efforts while delivering a high quality software or application at a faster rate to the market.

Most of these tools present the users with their free/trial versions to let them decide about investing in the tool after working their hands on the tool.

Currently, we are providing the list of tools categorized for the following 5 categories:

  1. Website Security Testing Tools
  2. Mobile/Web Application Testing Tools
  3. Web Application Testing Tools
  4. Cross Browser Testing Tools
  5. Web Regression Testing Tool

1. Wapiti:

This tool is one of the best tool for testing web application that allows you to check the security of web applications. It performs ‘black box testing’ to check the possible vulnerabilities for web applications. It supports both GET and POST HTTP methods for the vulnerability checkFile disclosure.

2. Zed Attack Proxy:

Zed Attack Proxy is an open source security testing tool, developed by OWASP. It runs on Mac OS, Windows and Unix/Linux. Zed Attack Proxy gives you access to find a variety of security vulnerabilities in web applications, during the testing and development phase.

Check out the original blog post, to know more: https://www.bugraptors.com/top-software-testing-tools/

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Benefits of Outsourcing Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services

September 11 2018, 10:09am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

third party software testing services

Do you want to use an application which is slow, insecure, and less user-friendly with poor functionality? The answer would always be a No. Due to high competence and hurry of releasing the product into the market, organizations tend to compromise with software quality which results in decreased customers and sales.

In today’s era, software quality is of utmost importance. Hiring an outsourced third party testing team is the practice of handing over the application to be tested to an independent testing company or a third party testing group for testing all the major aspects of the application in terms of performance, functionality, security etc. 

Outsourcing provides considerable revenue gains, increased product quality, high efficiency and productivity of a company. There are many studies that reveal the fact ‘Half of the development effort is spent on testing’, therefore, outsourcing relieves the companies from expensive functions thereby reducing the operational costs.

Benefits of Hiring a Third Party QA team:

1. Availability of Wide Range of Resources and Tools

2. Incorporating Best Practices
3. Faster Time to Market

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