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Data Integrity Definition- How To Enforce It In Databases

August 30 2018, 12:16pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Enforcing Data Integrity Into Databases

Database Integrity is a central underlying aspect or term in the implementation of database technology. Having faith in the data correctness is a prerequisite for using the data in business, research or decision-making applications. So it’s for sure that the factors of ensuring database security and reliability cannot be ignored. One also has to consider the use of error checking and correction codes to deal with the integrity issues and improve the performance of database systems.

Enforcing Data Integrity in Databases

Basically, there are four primary types of data integrity: entity, domain, referential and user-defined.

1. Entity Integrity ensures a table does not have any duplicate rows and is uniquely identified.

2. Domain Integrity requires that a set of data values fall within a specific range (domain) in order to be valid.

3. Referential Integrity is concerned with keeping the relationships between tables synchronized.

Check out the advantages of enforcing integrity constraints, here: https://www.bugraptors.com/what-is-data-integrity/

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Why Is Cyber Security Important? | Bugraptors

August 29 2018, 07:29am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

why cyber security is important

Number of Cyber Security beached has grown up steadily over the past few years. There are numerous examples that big industries in market today have been the victim of Security attacks say: Instagram, Sony, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook etc. In that case, ensuring the cyber security of your website must be on top of priorities.

What are Security Breaches and its Consequences?

A security breach is an accidental leakage of sensitive and confidential information. It can happen without the consent of data holder. For example hackers leak Username, phone number, and email address of users of any website or any employee giving sensitive information regarding financial data of any company or property to competitors for the sake of money or any other motive.

Types of Attacks on Cyber World:

  • Bait and switch
  • Cookie and Session theft
  • ClickJacking
  • Viruses and Trojan
  • Phishing
  • Denial of Service(DoS/DDoS)

Read full post, to know more about them in details: https://www.bugraptors.com/importance-cyber-security/

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Business Benefits of Test Automation In Terms of ROI

August 21 2018, 11:29am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

test automation benefits

Many organizations consider automation testing as a vital step in establishing a mature Q&A program. But, manual testing can never be ruled out completely.

Automation Testing Improves Business Results In Three Ways:

Shorter Time To Market, Increased Test Efficiency And Increased Test Effectiveness.

Testing efficiency is the average number of test cases you can run for an hour of tester time. High efficiency of testing reduces product development time and costs.

Testing effectiveness is rate at which testing reveals bugs before your application are released in the market. Increased effectiveness reduces the costs through a better product.

Application must be tested before release and reducing your time to market for benefits. Manual testing replacing with automated testing can cut time from elapsed testing time.

ROI Formula:

The ROI for test automation can move into positive zone depending upon the number of regression cycles required for the lifetime of the application.

ROI for test automation can be simply calculated by the below formula:

Return of Investment(ROI) = (Manual testing cost — Automation cost)/Automation cost

To read more, visit full post — https://www.bugraptors.com/automated-testing-roi/


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Why We Need Automation Testing Framework?

August 17 2018, 10:53am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

why we need test automation 

The simplistic answer for this is to get maximum efficiency and to utilize the resources in a complete way. Let us first discuss why we automate our software product.

Automation Testing is necessary to save the rework in regression testing and for saving the time to fill multiple page lengthy forms.

By automating our products we can be assure of its already fixed functionality and also merge modules to skip the execution time of a process.

While planning for automation of a software product, its framework design is as necessary as while building a shopping mall its blue print is necessary.

Framework design needs to collect and specify all the requirements that are mandatory for automating a software product. The requirements should be analyzed and freeze on the basis of their feasibility.

There may be possibility that some of the requirement cannot be automated and no framework can be created for these requirements.

To read more, visit full post — https://www.bugraptors.com/framework-for-test-automation/

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Performance Testing of Mobile Appplications Using Blazemeter & Jmeter

August 14 2018, 12:21pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Mobile Performance Testing Checklist You Don’t Want To Miss
A checklist that will help you in tracking the progress of your testing procedure,
  • What is the minimum RAM requirement for the mobile app?
  • Verify response time and speed of the mobile app under diverse networks and circumstances.
  • Test to ensure realistic user experience under different circumstances and networks.
  • Make sure that the app doesn’t crash anymore.
  • Monitor the uptime constantly and API Usage.
Here are some tools to analyze the above mentioned parameters of Applications:
# Blaze Meter:

Blaze Meter is a commercial, self-service performance testing tool that provides an enterprise performance testing and capacity planning .

This tool can be used to find and fix performance bottlenecks in minutes.

# Apache JMeter:

JMeter is a performance testing tool. It an open source and pure Java tool designed for the performance measurement of web and mobile applications.

It provides graphs and visualization techniques to analyze the results as well.

To read more, visit - https://www.bugraptors.com/performance-testing-on-mobile-applications/

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Best Software Performance Testing Practices for the Digital Transformation of Your Business

July 4 2018, 13:20pm

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Strategies are the backbone of your business. Whether it is a strategy for marketing or program testing. When you develop a website or mobile app for your client, performance is a tenet which cannot be ignored at all.


You must deliver a high-performing website or app or else your reputation will be ruined to ashes. In this post, we have comprised with popular strategies that will help you in your performance testing procedure.


Read more!

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Reasons Why Penetration Testing is Important For A Business

July 4 2018, 11:05am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Penetration testing can be performed by an in-house expert using penetration testing tools. An expert can also be outsourced from the testing service providers.  The test begins with security testing professional calculating/assessing the targeted network to find vulnerable systems.

Ways to Exploit Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing can be performed by an in-house expert using penetration testing tools. An expert can also be outsourced from the testing service providers.  The test begins with security testing professional calculating/assessing the targeted network to find vulnerable systems.

Want to get more knowledge of Penetration testing then explore the link: https://www.bugraptors.com/penetration-testing/

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Effective Ways To Overcome User Acceptance Testing Challenges

June 14 2018, 09:44am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Effective Ways To Face User Acceptance Testing Challenges


UAT is a condemnatory component of any Software application.  Its a  Polished way to examine the user needs and demands.  If an application is developed as per all the induced and documented business requirements, then there is only one tread left before delivering the software/application i.e. User acceptance Testing.

Once it is completed successfully, then the tester will inform the development teams about the risks and undefended gaps. If UAT is not done properly then the defects become more expensive to fix. 

Effective ways and resolutions to overcome these challenges:

Choose equitable resources: Hire a well versed professional UAT testing team with the domain expertise knowledge to perform UAT. Since the UAT team is more technical, a whole team should be assigned to perform UAT before the release of application.

Create comprehensive UAT plan: Create a customize and detailed plan as per the business requirements and follow a scenario checklist to validate if the right plan is being executed and perform preparation evaluation to verify if we have done everything right.

To continue reading, visit blog post here:

Effective ways and resolutions to face User Acceptance Testing challenges

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    Important Factors That Need To Be Considered Before Outsourcing UAT

    May 23 2018, 11:09am

    Posted by Claire Mackerras

    User Acceptance Testing Service Provider India

    In many organizations, the customers, users and software developers face technical problems while using these platforms to check the functional behavior of the software. To keep themselves away from these types of circumstances, many enterprises choose the testing services provided by IT Consultants.

    Outsourced user acceptance testing is essential before launching the product/software in the market. It deliberately achieves prestige with full growth of testing. There are various benefits of Outsourcing UAT like it is time-saving, cost-saving, effective, enhances accuracy. 

    Some important points that need to be considered before outsourcing UAT: 

    1. Establish efficient tracing and managing techniques 
    2. Advancement and customization are key characteristics for UAT testers
    3. Empowering collaboration and exchanging the ideas 

    To read more, click here...

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    Installation Testing - Why Businesses Need it?

    May 16 2018, 06:49am

    Posted by Claire Mackerras

    Installation Testing Service Provider

    The reason why it is considered to be the most important type of testing in the software life cycle is that the installation process is the first interaction between the user and the software, which simple means that the process should be satisfactory. Successful installation process leads to happy customers which further increases the software installation rate and its success rate.

    When do we perform Installation Testing?

    • Software version has been upgraded or downgraded
    • Re-installed an application to remove the encountered problems
    • A new application is launched that is related to a family of applications

    Types of Installation   

    Clean: This is the installation where the application is being installed for the first time and old version has never been installed on the system before.

    Silent: This type of installation shows no messages on console during its installation process. Messages related to installation get saved in a log file.

    To know more, watch out this blog -- https://www.bugraptors.com/introduction-to-installation-testing-an-added-benefit-to-your-enterprise/

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