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Guidewire Testing: Achieve Higher ROI With Test Automation

February 23 2021, 07:21am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

The growing adoption of interventional radiology techniques has intensified the need for guidewires and is projected to continuously be used in the future. The global market for guidewires is anticipated to register a positive growth outlook, skyrocketing at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast timeframe of 2020-2025. The market is expected to hit a value pool of US$ 2.6 Bn by the end of 2025.

The benefits of Guidewire products are interesting, but we can’t skip the challenges that are introduced by Guidewire too while implementing them. 

For example: 

  • Consistent upgrades in user requirements. 
  • Delays occur in the test execution due to the absence of code development. 
  • Due to no functional and non-functional requirements documentation. 
  • Insufficient processes follow for the QA and there are no proper guidelines in the hand for particular industry verticals. 
  • Less knowledge obtained about QA and the critical factors of the business. 

If there are too many challenges found in the Guidewire suite, there is an urge to resolve the issues with the experienced testing partner, mainly who has a flair for testing and knows how to give cost benefits to insurers while merging a single suite of applications into the Guidewire’s technology platform. 

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Significance of Automation Frameworks in Software Testing

December 15 2020, 06:39am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

Test automation framework is a collection of tools used by software testing companies with following proper guidelines and set of rules to develop & design the test cases and test scripts, including preparing for the test recording.

Various types of automation frameworks are available to test different mobile, web & desktop-based applications on distinct testing platforms, servers, operating systems like Mac OS and Windows, etc. The rules that are developed for the test automation framework can be coding standards, processes, practices, concepts to handle the test data or safely store the test results. It allows us to test any business niche’s application with automated strategies. It includes several functions from test data, libraries to reusable modules for performing numerous test automation services such as functional testing, unit testing, smoke testing, integration testing, and regression testing.

 Types of automation framework in testing:

  • Linear Scripting Framework
  • Modular Testing Framework
  • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework
  • Data-Driven Testing Framework
  • Behavior Driven Development Framework
  • Hybrid Testing Framework
  • Test Library Architecture Framework

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Benefits of Automated Testing in the Manufacturing Domain

October 29 2020, 10:22am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In the digital world, quality is the most critical challenge faced by small to large scale businesses. Maintaining quality goals has become one of the major concerns for every business. But when it comes to manufacturing companies, no one can forget the quality lab because it improves the standard of living and boosts economic productivity. To ensure reliability and quality of products, manufacturing software testing is much-needed. It helps maximize the company’s profits and reputation, and also ensures that your products will meet customer expectations. From transportation, electronics, chemical industries, furniture & fixtures, fashion industries, and household goods to building materials, every manufacturing industry should invest in test automation services because it allows your team to fulfill the increasing customer demands by manufacturing high-quality products at reasonable costs.

Read the full blog to know how test automation improves quality in the manufacturing industry.

How test automation improves quality in the manufacturing domain

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Strategies To Improve Effectiveness Of Test Automation & ROI

October 19 2020, 11:18am

Posted by Claire Mackerras

In today’s era, most of the enterprises and QA managers are adopting automation testing to speed up the test time to market and thereby enhancing the software quality.
A robust mobile test automation approach can help the companies to test quickly and effectively.So, maximum investments can be made from mobile test automation services.

ROI can be increased if the following strategies are kept in mind from the very beginning:

  • Selection of the right test cases to automate
  • Prioritization of the tasks
  • Preparation of the test cases
  • Test process
  • Create stable test
  • Do not automate everything
  • Review tests
  • Quality of test data

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